Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Yard garden..

Thought I would show you what's going on around here.We have the big garden tilled and ready to plant soon.For the past couple years I have wanted raised beds in the yard.I think it's easier to just go out and get some veggies for a salad,then to have to walk  300 feet down the yard for a cucumber.He finally agreed to let me put some in...yay! I planted onions,and after they were planted the neighbor rode his 4-wheeler through them.He didn't hurt them,and he said he didn't see them.Then I kept finding the dogs in there,so I decided it was time add some wood around them..just to keep out the riff raff.Just behind the red pot is a patch of dirt I tilled up so I can build a raised bed and plant tomatoes,basil,carrots,lettuce,and chives.I'm waiting on the weather to cooperate..
                                         these are table onions..or what we call "eat'n onions"
                                        the ones below are called Candy Hybrid..I guess they will be like a yellow onion.
I also planted some strawberries.I have never had luck growing them,so I'm trying again.I have a pot on the deck,and some planted in hanging baskets.Once we get the addition done,I'll know where I'll be able to plant things,and I will find a place to plant strawberries in the ground.They produce fruit year after year,so I'm hoping I can keep these alive and plant in the ground in the fall.

  So that's all I have got planted to far.Hopefully in a couple weeks we can put the tomato plants,and peppers in the big garden,and build my raised bed.Not much else to report so,I'm going to go out and enjoy the day!


  1. Hopefully I'll get to taste some of those strawberries of yours!! When you planting corn on the cobs???

  2. I gave up on corn.It only grows about 4 feet then stops :( One of these years I'm gonna try again...Darnit!!