Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Yard garden..

Thought I would show you what's going on around here.We have the big garden tilled and ready to plant soon.For the past couple years I have wanted raised beds in the yard.I think it's easier to just go out and get some veggies for a salad,then to have to walk  300 feet down the yard for a cucumber.He finally agreed to let me put some in...yay! I planted onions,and after they were planted the neighbor rode his 4-wheeler through them.He didn't hurt them,and he said he didn't see them.Then I kept finding the dogs in there,so I decided it was time add some wood around them..just to keep out the riff raff.Just behind the red pot is a patch of dirt I tilled up so I can build a raised bed and plant tomatoes,basil,carrots,lettuce,and chives.I'm waiting on the weather to cooperate..
                                         these are table onions..or what we call "eat'n onions"
                                        the ones below are called Candy Hybrid..I guess they will be like a yellow onion.
I also planted some strawberries.I have never had luck growing them,so I'm trying again.I have a pot on the deck,and some planted in hanging baskets.Once we get the addition done,I'll know where I'll be able to plant things,and I will find a place to plant strawberries in the ground.They produce fruit year after year,so I'm hoping I can keep these alive and plant in the ground in the fall.

  So that's all I have got planted to far.Hopefully in a couple weeks we can put the tomato plants,and peppers in the big garden,and build my raised bed.Not much else to report so,I'm going to go out and enjoy the day!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Decided to blog again...

My main reason I stopped was kids,and life..I can not just sit,think, and type.I am here from morning till usually 8 o'clock at night bu myself.So that means I take care of everything! I do all the inside work and the outside,except cutting wood,but I do have to unload and stack it in the woodshed.I mow,weed wack,plant,and tend the garden.Plant flowers,and tend those and the WEEDS!Entertain two boys,cook,clean(all day)and work my fingers to the bone,making this place pretty,welcoming,and running smoothly.

  I feel so bad when I rub my son's backs when they are getting sleepy,because my hands are so rough.No amount of lotion helps,and vaseline is no good,because I still have to get up at night with the baby.I rubbed my husbands face the other night and said..are a woman's hands supposed to feel this way,and he said..a good woman's is..he better know he's lucky..(smiles)

 Clingy babies make it hard to type and think.So I had to take a break until the new baby was a bit older..14 months now :) Now that he is,I still can't sit a write.I grab a notebook and write while I stand in the kitchen at the stove.I guess it looks like I'm doing something normal,so he leaves me alone.If I go sit at the computer,he cries and wants held.So now I stand by the coffee pot and write.

      So here is the start...spring time means,garden.I always start my own plants from seed,and the house ends up being a greenhouse.This year my husband bought me a 8x12 greenhouse,but it's not built yet,and it's almost May.I don't plant until Memorial day,so I guess I'm not using it this year.

                                         This is Duncan's chick head that you grown grass in.

 Spring time also means babies.We like to have ducks even though once they are set out in the pond they can care less about you,but they are still nice to look at.We raise them from ducklings,because incubating eggs are just too much right now.We have had Pekin's before and now we have Rouen's,they are like wild mallards.They are out in the pond.So these were given to us by a friend's friend who couldn't keep them.The tote is only for night time,because my husband didn't get the big cage and heat lamps out.So they live inside at night,and I let them outside with us during the day.Thank goodness the dogs don't bother them.We let them out on their own once they get their feathers.They need their feathers for buoyancy,and to be able to fly from danger.So in a week or so we'll let them out in the pond,and hopefully they will be ducks,because right now they don't leave my side.They follow me everywhere.
                                                      These are Pekin ducks.
  So I just wanted to get this thing started,and up to date.The ducks are almost ready to be out on their own,and it's gardening time,so that will be my next post,and I'll be up to date with that also.Have a great day,be back soon!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Repurposed turkey fryer.

Money is tight around here.We have two boys,one is 3 and the other is 4 months.So things like outdoor/indoor decorating are last on our list.However I do love to work outside and I love to repurpose!I really don't like to go to stores and buy things anyway.I would rather use something that we have and make it unique. So today as I was taking a break from tilling the garden.I was sitting on the deck with some ice tea and I was looking around and noticed everything was on one level.
I needed to create some height

So I looked around the garage trying to find something I could use.I have an old singer sewing machine that is in really bad shape.The wood is falling apart and it's just nasty.I was going to take the wood off and make a new top,but my husband had big heavy stuff stacked on it.I was feeling creative now and if I had to wait till later the moment would have moved on...So after looked around the garage I noticed the base of a turkey fryer.I got it down from the shelf.I took off the regulator and.....TADA! A plant stand!

It hasn't been used for 3 or 4 years so I shouldn't get the 3rd degree cause I turned it into a plant stand.(I didn't by the way,he liked it)So I scuffed it off a little with a red scuff pad and shot it with some paint I found in the garage(I did get a talking to about that..oops)

I love it! I found a smaller stand also and I'm thinking about using that one too.What better way to clear some room out of the garage..find stuff and Reuse it!!!

This isn't the same stand.I didn't take a before picture to show how nasty it looked.It pretty much looked like this one,except it was really rusty.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

She's crafty..

My new project, gypsy lights,or that's what I'm calling them.I wanted some pretty lights to hang around our canopy that's on the deck.I love lights at night.Candle light and oil lamp light is so pretty.I'm not done with them yet.I still need to add more stuff to them,so that means a trip to the craft store..YAY!

The glow is so nice.
I have tea lights in them right now,and they give off a nice little glow that's just right.I have 8 of them to make,so I think the light will be even better once they are all hung.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The babies have grown up.

I have learned that these are Rouens pronounced Roan.They are a large breed duck that look just like wild mallards.They are used for decoration,and they can get 8-10 lbs and are used in exhibitions for it's beauty and size.

I wish I can get duncan to stop chasing them so they won't be so jumpy.I miss the peking ducks we used to have,they were nice and they came close so you could pet them.I will never be able to pet these ones..not with duncan around..

The males are staring to change their feathers so now we will find out how many hens and drakes we got.They all look the same until they start to molt then the males get thier pretty feathers.I like my ducks they are pretty neat.I think I'm a few steps closer to finally getting some chickens,if I can change Gc's can only hope.

More flowers,and a little tour..

Tea time..

Little guy taking a break..

My cute little porch..

Pretty pink dianthus.

This wheelbarrow was Gordy's paps

The lillys are getting ready to bloom.

I love this frog.

I made a corner shelf all on my own!

This chair was white.I decided that I NEED more color around this place.I am surrounded by green and browns.I'll have this place looking like a gypsy camp soon :)

Munstead lavender

I wish remembered what this is..

Well I hope you enjoyed the little tour around the homestead.It's still early in the season so I 'll have more pic's as the place starts to bloom.